Todd Berry, Medium Energy

Jay Ruttenberg

By Jay Ruttenberg

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Medium Energy

Todd Berry
The debut of one of New York’s sharpest, driest comics

Todd Barry is a short, bald, grumpy Jew with a delivery so deadpan that, were it not for its abundant sarcasm, he might be mistaken for a coma victim. He is also one of New York's sharpest performers, and his debut album reflects the dry man's air-tight writing. Like David Cross (an occasional collaborator), Barry comes from indie-rock culture, and is comfortable cracking wise about it. Case in point, a joke about how Fugazi refused to charge more than $5 for a concert ticket: "There's got to be at least one guy in the band who ain't happy about this," Barry says. "The drummer is gonna snap at rehearsal: 'Hey fellas can we stop a second? I had the craziest idea. How about six bucks? Yeah, I was thinking that extra dollar, times 800 people a night, times five shows a week equals I don't have a roommate when I'm 47.'"