Today Is The Day, Today Is The Day

Joe Gross

By Joe Gross

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Eight songs, 29 minutes, no mercy.

Signed off a demo, Today is the brainchild of one Steve Austin, whose relentless misanthropy makes most of AmRep's resident cranks look like Gandhi. Their debut Supernova is also a stunner, full of aggro-prog salvos all the more terrifying for their jaggedness. Willpower is more of a song (hah!) record, the slit throat rather than the cluster bomb. Guitars shriek and wail while drums break your ribs, but the key is Austin's skin-flaying voice, the closest sound to Satan himself that you're likely to hear this week. Also, the album opens with finest ever use of a GoodFellas sample, which should win them some sort of Oscar/Grammy combo. Eight songs, 29 minutes, no mercy.