Comadre Fulozinha, Tocar na Banda

Peter Margasak

By Peter Margasak

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
It’s not exactly cutting edge, but it’s a good bet that most folks outside of Brazil haven’t heard anything like it.

The music of this group from Recife, in Brazil's northeastern corner, isn't exactly cutting edge, but it's a good bet that most folks outside of Brazil haven't heard anything like it. It's part of a hip roots movement happening all around the country. Comadre Fulozinha perform vibrant yet stripped-down (usually just vocals and percussion) regional styles like coco, baião, and ciranda, but the infectious personality of singers Isaar de Franco (who works regularly with DJ Dolores & Aparalhagem) and Karina Buhr makes the propulsive music hard to resist. Most of the material is original, but the group covers some gems by Adoniran Barbosa and Erasto Vasconcelos. Here and there, buoyant sax licks and tactile violin riffs — more like scrapes, actually — flesh out the arrangements, but the beats and voices are enough. The grooves are fascinating; a feast of stuttering polyrhythms. Add to that the close harmony singing, and this is one exhilarating ride.