Marc Maron, Tickets Still Available

Joshua Neuman

By Joshua Neuman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The dark, troubled, moody, existential deep-sea diver of comedy.

If Todd Barry sounds over-medicated, Marc Maron is his polar opposite: dark, troubled, moody, an existential deep-sea diver. He rants about technology, the government and, of course, his family. Asking his mother why she thought he might've dreamed about her and Hitler: "I don't know, ask your father," she says, to which Maron replies, "All right, put Hitler on." But no matter how well Maron can attack these subjects, his number one target is himself. Maron turns self-hating into an art form: "You ever do that thing where you fucking pack your gym bag and then you just move it towards the door over a series of days, just hoping that one of day it'll inspire you to actually pick it up and leave the fucking house with it?"