2 Live Jews, The Worst Of

Joshua Neuman

By Joshua Neuman

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Oy vay.

Blame it on Weird Al. In a world in which "Like a Surgeon" is a hit, "As Kosher as They Wanna Be" is not very far behind. 2 Live Jews wed old-school hip-hop with Mel Brooks mishegas in an ill-fated marriage that launched a thousand crappy Jewish parody bands. The song that put them on the map, "Oy, It's So Humid," is pure Jewish minstrelsy, relying on thick Old World accents and Yiddish vernacular for punch lines. As Jews entrenched themselves in suburbia, intermarried and were invited into the country clubs that a previous generation would have booted them from, MC Moishe and Easy Irving wax nostalgic as a couple of hard-of-hearing alter kockers complaining about the weather as they walk home from the bagel shop. "Quarter past three, we were chillin 'out front/ Working up an appetite, thinking 'bout lunch." Oy vay.