The Veils, Troubles Of The Brain – EP

Paul Moody

By Paul Moody

on 03.04.11 in Reviews
The Veils add glam-rock swagger to their tart cynicism

In the accelerated rush that is the indie-rock hype cycle in 2011, the Veils can almost seem like grizzled veterans, biding their time to achieve something longer lasting than instant acclaim. Put it down to traditional dues-paying — the tour in support of third album Sun Gangs saw them play 250 gigs spanning 15 countries — but seven years on from debut album The Runaway Found, 2011 should see Finn Andrews (son of XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews) finally getting his due. With a glam-rock swagger instilled by producer (and former Suede guitarist) Bernard Butler, Andrews tart lyrical cynicism has finally met its musical match. "Joys are few and far between/Got the Doomsday app up on my iphone screen," he sighs on "The Stars Came Out When the Lights Went Out," like the perennial killjoy at the party. If acoustic lament "Us Godless Teenagers" and a final, glacial, "Iodine and Iron", are reminders Andrew's muse can take a darker turn, Troubles Of The Brain is the sort of musical catharsis which should finally bring this prodigiously talented songwriter his moment in the sun.