The Traditional Fools, The Traditional Fools

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 01.22.13 in Reviews

It makes a weird kind of sense that In the Red is re-releasing the lone studio record from The Traditional Fools. After all, one of the San Francisco trio’s members, Ty Segall, has another album out at the same time on In the Red, that one a re-release of his 2009 collaboration with fellow garage-punk wunderkind Mikal Cronin. Two great tastes that taste great together, as it were — or at least complement each other, despite being recorded a year apart. For the Segall completists — bless their tortured, penniless souls — it’s nice that these titles are now easier than ever to purchase.

As far as dive-bar party rock goes, you can hardly do much better

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhhh!” go the very first lyrics here, and you’d be forgiven for assuming an early Black Lips record snuck its way into the rotation. Spiritual brethren for sure, The Traditional Fools enjoy piling on shouted vocals (“T.L. Defender”), surf riffage (“Shredstick”) and inspired covers (Red Kross’ “Kill Someone You Hate,” Thee Headcoatees’ “Davy Crockett”). They also keep it brief, rarely bothering to top the two-minute mark on any song. As far as dive-bar party rock goes, you can hardly do much better.