Thee Headcoatees, The Sisters of Suave

Michaelangelo Matos

By Michaelangelo Matos

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The expert understatement of a secret hothead, tempered by four women exuding endless cool.

Where Billy Childish's dry snarl communicates the expert understatement of a secret hothead, the same vocal style from these four women fronting a Childish-led band exude endless cool. Not just the lead vocals, either — check the dry, flat background vocal droning on "I Gotta Move." But because this is a Childish exercise, we get all the good stuff he's capable of: berserk blitzkrieg guitar ("Ballad of the Insolent Pup"), expert maneuvering of pre-existing song-parts (Fess Parker + "Farmer John" + Ramones cheer = "Davey Crockett"), matter-of-factly ridiculous song ideas ("Jackie Chan Does Kung Fu") and occasional shouted interjections ("My Boyfriend's Learning Karate").