Various Artists – Ubiquity, The Shape Of Things To Come 2

Simone DeBoulevard

By Simone DeBoulevard

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The Shape Of Things To Come 2

Various Artists - Ubiquity
The sound of now-soul.

Los Angeles 'Ubiquity Records has been pumping out a consistent blend of hip-hop, nu-soul, Latin funk, and other groove-centered styles since 1990, and The Shape of Things to Come 2 is an appealing snapshot of its wares, circa spring 2006. In fact, the compilation features mostly songs that have either never been released before, along with a handful that were previously only available on vinyl. There's a lot of cross-collaboration going on here between the label's roster, with the Quantic Soul Orchestra remixing Breakestra's "Hiding" with a crisp-and-dry drum sound that beckons you to listen closer, while Owusu and Hannibal's "Delirium" gets a sly, minimal electro treatment from Morgan Geist of club favorites Metro Area (he also helps run the excellent dance indie Environ). Detroit hip-hop faves Platinum Pied Pipers check in with the sunny instrumental "The Bounce," and fellow Motor Citians SA-RA remix Nino Moschella's "If You Believe" into psychedelic soul like you thought they just didn't make anymore — until now.