The Roots, Organix

Christina Lee

By Christina Lee

on 01.04.12 in Reviews
The first glimpse of The Roots

Organix offered the first glimpse of how the Roots’ blend of limber rhythms and deft rhymes could seduce coffee shop and dive bar patrons alike, launching a bidding war among six record labels. Black Thought and emcee Malik B often passed the mic back and forth over nothing more than ?uestlove’s crackling snares and a tiptoeing bass line, urging listeners to sink into their seats as the band refuses to take itself too seriously. Interlude “There’s a Riot Goin’ On” is actually 13 seconds of rude snoring. Black Thought slurs his catchiest call-and-response chorus (“Essawhamah?”), and drummer ?uestlove and keyboardist Scott Storch match his nonsensical spitting note for note. The Roots only crank up the volume on a seemingly aimless spoken word, as a bassline and cymbals jitter in anticipation before Black Thought eases up with the punchline: “Damn! I missed my spot — Writer’s Block.”