The Roots, Do You Want More?!!!??!

Christina Lee

By Christina Lee

on 01.04.12 in Reviews

The Roots
A headliner-length setlist from a budding opener

In November 1995, Malik B stepped off a bus in Düsseldorf, Germany, abandoning the rest of the Roots in the middle of a European tour. Geffen had just signed them to a seven-figure contract, which prompted the Philadelphia band to crank out Do You Want More?!!!??!, a headliner-length setlist from a budding opener. Among persistent chatter, a nonchalant soundcheck evolves into a full-blown jam in five minutes — a polished skit The Roots had perfected since Organix. The group goes in on infectious choruses like pre-game hurdles. They also introduced another new member: beatboxer Rahzel the Godfather of Noyze, whose agile spitting style crashes like ?uestlove’s cymbals and crackles like Rice Krispies in milk. All of this made More precisely that — spit-shined proof that the Roots were ready to take on the world, even if Malik B wasn’t.