The Neanderthals, The Neanderthals In Space

Madelyn Rosenberg

By Madelyn Rosenberg

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

An offshoot of Los Straitjackets, this is old-school guitar rock, fast and fun, featuring 16 songs about outer space. "Twist to the Moon" is perfect for kids, along with "Twistin 'Out in Space" (are you noticing a theme here?) and the old standbys, "Martian Hop" and "Purple People Eater." Beware of the underlying euphemism in "Rocket," though the song is crafted well enough that most kids will miss it. The album finds its place on a Halloween list because: a) Martians and monsters go hand in hand; b) if you go trick-or-treating, you might look up and notice that Mars is currently enjoying the closest proximity it will have to Earth until 2018; c) Eddie Angel's raucous guitar solos will liven up any Halloween party and d) when they perform live, the Neanderthals dress up like cavemen.