The Men, Campfire Songs

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 10.15.13 in Reviews

The five very literal campfire songs — recorded acoustically around an actual blaze just outside a house in rural upstate New York where the Men ended up recording more than 25 tracks — of Campfire Songs may not appeal to every casual listener of this oft-noisy Brooklyn quartet. But for those who have been following it for years, ones that might like to close their eyes and imagine the guys strumming through a version of “I Saw Her Face” or a delightful, shaker-accented rendition of “The Seeds,” this stopgap EP satisfies.

Gathering ’round a campfire to tease new material

In addition to three previously released tracks (“Water Babies,” from the band’s Electric/Water Babies 7-inch, also gets the campfire treatment), the Men drop two new songs. “Turn Your Color” is a meditative, six-minute drone, and “Patience” is a joyous, beer-raising sing-along. As far as teasing new material goes, this is a fine way to do it. One can’t help but wonder how powerful the new stuff will sound away from the confines of the flames.