The Legs, AAAA The New Memphis Legs

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 10.16.12 in Reviews
A truly unholy racket

These “blood and beer-encrusted recordings from the epochal year 2000,” as the band has dubbed them, come via Eric Friedl of the Oblivians. Rounding out the incendiary, now-apparently-defunct trio is “Texas guitar noisemaker” James Arthur, and drummer Forrest Hewes, of Neckbones fame. A truly unholy racket, AAAA New Memphis Legs begins with Friedl yelling about how he’s drunk, imploring the listener to “do the legs,” and demanding little-girl lovin’ through a nasty wall of feedback as the music more or less falls all over itself. Along its scant 27-minutes-and-change, there’s nary a slow spot (save perhaps drudgy midpoint, “Been Kinda Lost”), and it’s very clearly no surprise these dudes were contemporaries of The Reatards. In fact, other than these nine tracks, the only other recording that exists of The Legs is a song called “I’ve Been Raped (By the Pinball Machine),” which features King Louie and Jay Retard on organ.