Bobby Byrd, The Legendary Henry Stone Presents Bobby Byrd Back from the Dead

Douglas Wolk

By Douglas Wolk

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A mishmash of several decades’ worth of Byrd’s recordings for various labels.

Bobby Byrd might well be a lot more famous if he hadn't spent the past 50 years as "Soul Brother #2," recording and performing in James Brown's shadow. Before they were the men in tuxes crooning behind JB, the Famous Flames were Byrd's group (James was originally their drummer), and a lot of circa-'70 James Brown hits like "Sex Machine" and "Soul Power" were actually Brown and Byrd duets. So is this disc's awesome "Never Get Enough," among a mishmash of several decades 'worth of Byrd's recordings for various Stone-operated labels: a couple of '60s-era tracks, the minor early-'70s hit "Sayin 'It and Doin 'It Are Two Different Things," the Brownless mid-'70s marvel "Back from the Dead," a couple of much later Parliament pastiches, and some badly recorded but raucous live tracks.