The Rentals, The Last Little Life EP

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The Last Little Life EP

The Rentals

After an ill-fated attempt at a solo career, The Last Little Life EP sees Matt Sharp finally returning to the quirky and comfortable indiepop environs of the Rentals. Things remain relative unchanged, despite the eight-year layoff: synths bubble up underneath gently strummed acoustic guitars, while Sharp and Rachel Haden harmonize sweetly. The feeling of nostalgia is furthered by the inclusion of an extended version of Return of the Rentals'closing track, “Sweetness and Tenderness” that sounds far more fleshed out than its predecessor. The Rentals have obviously matured in the intervening years, which makes their production choices a tad less idiosyncratic than before, but we think you'll agree that a more mature Rentals is better than no Rentals at all.