The Kissaway Trail, Breach

Annie Zaleski

By Annie Zaleski

on 08.19.13 in Reviews

After the release of 2010′s Sleep Mountain, the Kissaway Trail lost two of its founding members. For the noise-spackled (but pop-minded) Denmark band, this move ended up being a case of addition by subtraction: Breach, the group’s third record and first recorded as a trio, is a far more focused effort. The album’s hazy indie rock draws from diverse influences, including Britpop (the shimmering “Nørrebro”), psych-pop (the Flaming Lips dead ringer “Cuts Of Youth (Razor Love)”) and ’80s alt-pop (“Sarah Jevo”).

Effortless and irresistible, even without a couple founding members

The ’80s pop vibe is especially magnified by a gentle New Order synth buzz, which hums prominently underneath multiple songs: the mournful, drum-heavy instrumental “Sara (R.I.Punk),” clanking electropop plea “Beauty Still Rebels” and the Low Life-esque album-closer “A Rainy Night In Soho.” Thomas Fagerlund and Søren Corneliussen are forceful vocalists, and a few grungier detours — including the Cloud Nothings-reminiscent “So Sorry, I’m Not” and the lush, hooky highlight “The Springsteen Implosion” — add bite and aggression. Stylistically, the Kissaway Trail aren’t reinventing the wheel, but their songwriting is taut and dynamic; as a result, Breach sounds effortless and irresistible.