Angela Rinaldi, The Keys Of Dance: Music For Ballet Class

Nic Brown

By Nic Brown

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

You can just envision little girls in a mirrored, sunlit dance studio, capering like newborn deer in tutus, as you listen to Angela Rinaldi's Keys of Dance, which features Rinaldi playing both original and classic compositions on solo piano. Rinaldi, a dancer herself, seems to have a firm understanding of an instructor's needs in the studio: She takes us from the "Warm Up," through "Pliés," and on through a series of dances in different time signatures, making the meter more than clear in hopes that no little ballerinas lose their way. These 27 selections are obviously geared towards utility, but that actually makes it easier to enjoy the music even if you're not attempting to pull off your first, halting arabesques; the playing, charmingly clunky and utterly unpretentious, brings to mind the late, lamented phenomenon of the department store piano player. It must be noted, however, that the pastel cover art for The Keys of Dance has nothing on Rinaldi's last outing, Musica Bella, which featured a photograph of a poodle wearing a tiara and purple satin tutu. Alas.