The Jesus Lizard, Down

Kevin O'Donnell

By Kevin O'Donnell

on 09.21.11 in Reviews


Jesus Lizard

These Austin, Texas-based hardcore terrorists were one of Kurt Cobain’s favorite bands — David Yow and Co. even teamed with Nirvana for the 1993 split single “Puss/Oh, The Guilt,” which scored the Jesus Lizard their highest charting single in the U.K. So their 1994 album Down, produced by Steve Albini, was the highest-profile of their career, yet the band never compromised their sound for attention. Over skeletal, atonal hardcore grooves, Yow yelps, shrieks, burps, and screams unintelligible lyrics, as if he’s in the throes of an Adderal-induced fever dream. Jesus Lizard would go on to sign with a major label and clean up their sound on 1996′s Shot — how an A&R guy would think this band had any commercial appeal is a total mystery — but Down captures the Lizard right before they took a shot at the big time.