Lena, The Irrespressible Lena Horne

Kristina Feliciano

By Kristina Feliciano

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

You can feel the linen tablecloth under your fingers when you listen to this heady supper-clubby album. You're seated at a table near the stage, and the band is as irrepressible as Horne herself, each of the black-tied musicians skipping gleefully from note to note, the horns loud and vibrant. Horne is smiling and saucy in every song, whether she's in her solitude with "By Myself" or celebrating her rosy romantic future in "From This Moment On." She may be best known for her interpretation of the definitive downer "Stormy Weather," but on this record, the Brooklyn-born singer flashes a brightly blithe spirit.