Various Artists, The In-Kraut Vol. 2 Hip Shaking Grooves Made in Germany 1967-1974

Mat Snow

By Mat Snow

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
20 more slices of yesteryear’s bargain-bin cheese — all tasty, some stupendous

By the late ’60s, American forces had been stationed in West Germany for two decades, and those boys wanted a hot time on weekend leave. So, too, did the Mercedes and Volkswagen workers forging the nation's post-war economic miracle. Drilled in both bierfest dance-band oompah and every hip flavour of r&b, jazz, pop and rock, German musicians like Paul Nero (aka Klaus Doldinger), Hugo Strasser and James Last cared not a fig that middle-aged people shouldn't be mucking about with phasing, sitars or a booty-shaking beat. Just as long as it wowed the crowd in their crocheted miniskirts and polyester flares, play on. Marina have resurrected 20 more slices of yesteryear's bargain-bin cheese — all tasty, some stupendous. The late singer/actress/authoress Hildegard Knef's 1971 “Holiday Time” finds the cynical missing link between Peggy Lee and Nico. Hear it and believe.