The History of Apple Pie, Out of View

Beverly Bryan

By Beverly Bryan

on 01.29.13 in Reviews

Out of View

The History Of Apple Pie
My Bloody Valentine’s twee spawn find the sweet spot

On their debut album Out of View, London quintet The History of Apple Pie blend the most precious of indie-pop impulses with the messiest squalling noise-rock has to offer. Vocalist Stephanie Min’s feathery vocals float high in the mix, leaving her teen-romance lyrics (“We’re having so much fun in the light of the sun/ You’re so cool”) faintly discernible above the thick clouds of My Bloody Valentine-style glide guitar that threaten to overwhelm them. It’s that constant give-and-take between pop and art-rock chaos that keeps Out of View interesting: A gruff chord or two always cuts the cotton candy at just the right moment, like when the full-on breakdown interrupts the strawberry lemonade-flavored workout “I Want More.” On “Mallory,” the daydreaming verses and the yearning melody are tossed about by an underlayer of sneering riffs and distorted noise. No one side ever wins out over the other for long and the seesawing can give you a powerful sugar buzz.