Bay B Kane, The Guardian of Ruff – Whitehouse Records

Simon Reynolds

By Simon Reynolds

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Hey, babe, take a walk on the darkside with dank death-funker Bay B Kane.

It's abundantly documented that drug use has its dark side, but it was still a surprise when hardcore rave, a genre of music brazenly fueled by ecstasy, plunged into the twilight zone in the last months of 1992. "Darkside" was actually the name that scenesters started using to describe the new sinister sound of death-ray riffs and deliriously fractured breakbeats that emerged that grim winter and would dominate the rave underground through 1993. Bay B Kane was a major supplier of dark-vibed tuneage. This album contains his big '93 rave floor anthems "Rhythm" and "Hello Darkness." The former places its incongruously serene sing-songy sample — "rhy-thm, rhythm, rhy-thm, rhy-thm" — amid wobbly bass-plasma and ungodly synth stabs, while "Hello Darkness" embeds its sped-up and slimy-sounding sample of Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sounds of Silence" in a dank death-funk groove.