Krishna Das, The Greatest Hits Of The Kali Yuga

Robert Phoenix

By Robert Phoenix

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Call it Hindi Blues — Das is a master

Krishna Das 'personal story is illuminated on this document of sound and vision, which features some of the finest devotional Hindi chants you'll ever hear. Das 'vocals have a world-weariness that gives these bhajans an almost bluesy feel that underscores the rapture and joy in his voice as a hard-won triumph of the spirit. Jim Wilson (production), Jai Uttal (harmonium and dotar) and Geoffrey Gordon (percussion) join Das on most of the tracks. While the majority of the tracks share an acoustic sparseness with Das 'voice, the Dub Farm remix of "Hanuman Baba" gives that track a driving, surging quality that underscores his repeated mantra of "I'm all in" (a phrase that hails from No Limit Texas Hold 'Em style of poker). Das uses the term in a deeply ironic twist, signifying his total, no-holds-barred commitment to the life of Spirit. It's a sentiment heard throughout this powerful testament of devotion and joy.