The Good Life, Album of the Year

Ian Cohen

By Ian Cohen

on 07.11.11 in Reviews
A rare breakup record that’s perversely engrossing

Album of the Year was not Tim Kasher’s first concept record detailing the implosion of a romance and it would not be his last, but it was his most comprehensive. Unlike Cursive’s Domestica or his solo The Game of Monogamy, Album of the Year acknowledges what gets him into these things in the first place: the drunken meet-cute, the inside jokes, the moment where you define the bit as relationship. It’s also Kasher’s most diverse set of songs, spanning devotional waltzes (“Nite & Day”), power balladry (“You’re Not You”), sarcastic synth-pop (“Lovers Need Lawyers”) and raw duets (“Inmates”), as blessed by Mike Mogis’s finest production. The rare break-up record that’s perversely engrossing, it can actually make you start to question your own relationship.