Milton Berle, The Funniest Roast Of The Century Volume 2

Ben Schwartz

By Ben Schwartz

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Television’s first icon, insulting and being insulted by his peers.

Why is it that the Friars Club roasters you never laughed at on the Dean Martin Roasts and The Merv Griffin Show are laugh-out-loud-funny only to each other? The main victim of volume two, Rich Little, refers to this evening as a "fountain of filth," and you can hardly disagree. Taped in the early '80s, this orgy of insult features Berle, Norm Crosby, Pat Buttram, Slappy White and Johnny Carson's great writer Pat McCormick. According to Mr. Crosby, Little, an impressionist, has had more stars in his mouth than Linda Lovelace. And if we are to believe Mr. McCormick, he once saw Little ask a men's room attendant for a doggie bag. Also included is Berle's roast of Arnold Schwarzenegger, but we'll leave the answer to what you get when you cross a hooker with a pit bull to Milt. Whether the subject is Little, Ahnold or that year's Superbowl champions, the Friars reduce their subjects to universal perverts lacking control of their bodily functions. Cynics would say it shows a dearth of material, but we call it philosophy.