Ohmega Watts, The Find

Joe Lopez (aka DJ Bazooka Joe)

By Joe Lopez (aka DJ Bazooka Joe)

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The Find

Ohmega Watts
Crushing thugs with a clever wit and a nimble tongue.

Probably one of the best-produced hip-hop albums of 2005, this album just cannot be passed over. The Find is a pure gem from beginning to end: not since Pete Rock and CL Smooth has an album been filled with more layers of obscure funk and jazz samples. Songs like "Where It All Started," "Full Swing" and "Saturday Night Live" take the listener back to hip-hop's golden era with complicated beats, breaks and scratches. The next level comes when Ohmega puts the mic down to showcase his amazing production — just check out the raga style "Treasure Hunt" or the RJD2esque instrumentals "Groovin On Sunshine" and "Floor Rock." This album is indeed a "find" in the truest sense of the word. It's more than just a great hip-hop album; it's great music, period.