The Fat White Family, Champagne Holocaust

Luke Turner

By Luke Turner

on 10.26.13 in Reviews

Champagne Holocaust

Fat White Family

With twisted, macabre lyrics and a queasy, lo-fi take on rock ‘n’ roll, the Fat White Family’s debut album sounds like unlike anything else released in 2013. For all their tales of druggy living in a South London pub, Fat Whites are phenomenal songwriters, the polar opposite of The Libertines, say, whose ramshackle aesthetic extended into their craft. Chiming bells and distorted vocals carry the fiendishly catchy “Is It Raining in Your Mouth?” while “Without Consent” creates a heady psychedelic fug, and “Heaven On Earth” and “Wild American Prairies” mess with the DNA of grubby garage rock in a way that recalls the Fall at their most belligerent.