The Fall, Room To Live: Undilutable Slang Truth!

Andrew Perry

By Andrew Perry

on 07.11.12 in Reviews

After Hex Enduction Hour, Smith quickly returned to the microphone thanks to his disgust at the Falklands War, launched in spring ’82 by Margaret Thatcher, to rescue the tiny mid-Atlantic islands from an Argentinean invasion — or, to curry votes for the impending election, depending on your level of cynicism. “Undilutable Slang Truth” screams the subtitle. Smith saw this album’s remit as being a kind of truthful newsreel, amid obscured media reporting in the so-called “fog of war.” True to form, his writing’s too covert for that, and “Hard Life in Country” is little more than a gratuitous snipe at one of his great bugbears, the rustic lifestyle. “Marquis Cha Cha,” though, serves up a monologue from a nauseating Brit expat in Latin America (were the Falkland Islanders worth rescuing?!). The album’s brighter and funkier, but suffered an unjust commercial fate, as indie Kamera folded soon after release.