The Faint, Blank-Wave Arcade

Ian Cohen

By Ian Cohen

on 07.11.11 in Reviews
Stark, minimalist synth-pop

Out of Saddle Creek’s “Big Three,” The Faint are simultaneously the least “American-sounding” and the most American. Allow me to explain: Yes, Todd Fink’s vocals are a faux-Brit staccato and The Faint are all no-fi synths, goth haircuts and new-wave guitars. But even before taking the quality of their stark, minimalist synth-pop into account, the band’s success is largely predicated on the unyielding supply of sullen Midwestern kids unsatisfied with their stifling hometown culture and expressing themselves by adopting the sounds and styles of anywhere else, even if Blank-Wave Arcade almost exclusively trafficked in the two most American topics possible: sex and cars.