The Evens, The Evens

Mark Jenkins

By Mark Jenkins

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
The direct approach of Fugazi’s early style returns — lightly chilled.

The more direct approach of Fugazi's early style returns, lightly chilled, with this hootenanny-punk duo: Ian MacKaye on guitar, ex-Warmer Amy Farina on drums and both singing with unforeseen sweetness. Such protest numbers as "All These Governors" and "Mt. Pleasant Isn't" resemble songs from Fugazi's 2001 The Argument, minus the slamming interludes that separate that album's verses. Despite the purposefully stripped-down sound, this is one of the more produced albums in the Dischord catalogue, with discreet instrumental effects and multi-tracked vocals. MacKaye will never be a crooner, but the harmonies of songs like "If It's Water" sound surprisingly pretty — and surprisingly appropriate.