Sharon Shannon, The Diamond Mountain Sessions

Colin Irwin

By Colin Irwin

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The Diamond Mountain Sessions

Sharon Shannon
One of Ireland’s national treasures.

Sharon Shannon is one of Ireland's national treasures. Even as a pre-teen back home in County Clare she was considered one of the best accordion and fiddle prospects in Ireland. Her innovative playing and brave willingness to explore other musical genres has since taken her into deep into other fields, including rock, reggae, country, world and dance. The Diamond Mountain Sessions, however, is probably the most enjoyable of her bold leaps into the unknown, proving not only what an instinctive, adaptable and adventurous player she is, but also finding her engaging with various heavyweight guests. Steve Earle (a mighty “Galway Girl”), Jackson Browne (an old-timey “Man of Constant Sorrow”) and John Prine (a lovely duet with Mary Staunton on “Love Love Love”) co-star, although the best moments occur when she locks notes with Galician piper Carlos Nunez on “A Costa de Galicia” and picks up her bow to join the fiddle orgy on epic closing track “Northern Lights.”