The dB’s, Falling Off the Sky

Peter Gerstenzang

By Peter Gerstenzang

on 06.12.12 in Reviews

Falling Off The Sky

An exquisite set from power-pop vets

The dB’s share two things with their power-pop forebears Big Star: They make gorgeous, deceptively dark pop music, and they are burdened with the same uneven ratio of great reviews to poor sales. Falling Off the Sky, their first album in 30 years, probably won’t change this. Still, the songs remain exquisite; whether it’s Peter Holsapple’s psych-blues “That Time Is Gone,” or Chris Stamey’s delicate “Far Away And Long Ago,” these re-formed rockers can do anything, from Byrds-y to Baroque. Maybe the masses won’t scream for this stuff anymore than they did in the college-rock days. But somewhere, Alex Chilton is grinning his approval, and man, you could do worse.