The David, Another Day, Another Lifetime

Lenny Kaye

By Lenny Kaye

on 08.09.11 in Reviews

One of the more overlooked Nuggetarian groups of the psychedelic Summer of 1967 is the David, hailing from Los Angeles and led by their Farfisa organist and songwriter Warren Hansen; along with guitarist Mark Bird, bassist Chuck Spaeth and drummer Tim Harrison. The sitar-baked opening track, “Another Day, Another Lifetime / I Would Like To Know,” garnered airplay on the progressive rock radio stations of the day, and the ambitious and innovative string and horn orchestrations set the group apart from its more garage-oriented brethren. Cuts like “Time M” and “I’m Not Alone” hew closer to fuzz-tone formalities than expansive tracks like “Sweet December,” and the bonus cuts on this Jamie reissue, “I Don’t Care” and an instrumental “Baby You’re A Better Man Than I,” show a rawer side than their reputation allows.