Various Artists – Afrodisiac, The Danque!!!

Richard Gehr

By Richard Gehr

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
A West African dance party par excellence.

Maybe your love shack is a chattering chamber of vapid verbosity, but not mine. We opt for a mostly instrumental mind-body sweat fest of categorical indistinctions. Which is why British DJ Fischer P's remarkable compilation of found vinyl from around West Africa fits the bill so well. Playing The Danque!! is like slapping scratchy after scratchy onto a turntable (ask your parents). It's a freaky West African catch-all of that sounds equally beholden to James Brown-ian funk and Fela Kuti's raging Nigerian Afrobeat. From George Danquah's timeless "Just a Moment" to Smahila and the S.B.S.'s 18-minute Fela homage "Natural Points," The Danque!! delivers one musical exclamation mark after another, festooned with every slithery variety of low-budget keyboard revelation you can imagine. If this doesn't get your friends out of the kitchen and into the lava-lamp's oozing glow, find new ones!