Cary August, The Club Hits

Geeta Dayal

By Geeta Dayal

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The Club Hits

Cary August

International man of mystery Cary August is the sort of DJ who sports sunglasses, slicked-back hair and an impeccable tan in the dead of winter. He specializes in shiny, anthemic filter-house mixes perfect for stadiums and aerobics workouts. The Club Hits is big and buffed to a blinding sheen; there's no subtlety here. That's exactly the point &#8212 August is in the business of hands-in-the-air commercial smashes, not swooning bedroom-friendly beats. (Those craving the latter should check out Germany's Kompakt and Perlon labels.) August follows the strategy of pop-trance god DJ Sammy's Bryan Adams rips &#8212 take a popular song, preferably from the '80s, squeeze out every last melodramatic drop, and massage it into something lavish and epic. Sometimes it sounds ingenious, like August's glitzy reinvention of the Stones '"Under My Thumb"; sometimes it's redundant, like a dance remix of the already danceable New Order classic "Blue Monday"; and sometimes it's just plain wrong, like the cringe-worthy take on Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."