Sadat X, The Chosen Few / On Tha Come Thru

Sarah Tonen

By Sarah Tonen

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Sadat X was a founding member of Five Percenter rappers Brand Nubian, whose jazzy, mellifluous flow helped inspire a generation of independent hip-hoppers, and on this 2006 single, Sadat X is joined by his former bandmates on the A-side. "The Chosen Few," produced by Gensu Dean, rides a swirling background chant, lithe beat and vaguely Asian-sounding guitar figure while Sadat, Grand Puba and Lord Jamar rhyme about "[giving] a third eye to the blind." Da Beatminerz handle the far more banging B-side, "On Tha Come Thru," whose percussion track encompasses woodblocks, cowbell, and a limber breakbeat and snare roll, all juggled with rare efficiency, while Sadat boasts that "you're in the presence of an all-rater."