The Cave Singers, Naomi

Ryan Reed

By Ryan Reed

on 03.05.13 in Reviews

On their sprawling fourth studio album Noami, Seattle’s Cave Singers continue to expand their brand of rootsy, psychedelic rock. Now officially a quartet (with the addition of former Blood Brothers bassist Morgan Henderson), they sound more like a legitimate “band” than ever before: Henderson brings a funky virtuoso edge to these groove-heavy anthems, punching up the high-octane soul of “Early Moon” and anchoring the jittery, two-chord pulse of “Have to Pretend” with deep-pocket propulsion.

Expanding their brand of rootsy, psychedelic rock

But even when The Cave Singers get loud, their sound remains earthy and raw, as intimate as a campfire moonshine-sing-along. Vocalist Pete Quirk is the band’s backwoods sage — and still very much an acquired taste — doling out country-boy witticisms and hippie wisdom in a throaty bark that often resembles Beavis from Beavis & Butthead. “All the weeds, the weeds are growin’,” Quirk croons on “Week to Week,” floating atop a dreamy Laurel Canyon churn, “That’s the way these flowers gonna learn.” Bullshit? Maybe. But, as always, The Cave Singers twist it into an unlikely revelation.