Various Artists – Capp Records, The Best Of Eurodance, Vol 1

Ken Micallef

By Ken Micallef

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

The Best Of Eurodance, Vol 1

Various Artists - Capp Records

When the allure of sweaty bodies and momentary hedonism beckons, it's time for The Best of Eurodance Vol. 1, the sassiest Teutonic dance collection since Mike Myers curled his lip for "Sprockets" from Saturday Night Live ("Now is the time on 'Sprockets 'when we dance!"). Capp Records draws upon a brigade of faceless producers whose skills lie in creating pounding floor-fillers that sound so familiar you can easily sing along within seconds of the needle drop. Cary August reworks the Rolling Stones '"Get Off My Cloud"; Suite 69 offers an imitation teen star covering Burt Bacharach's "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"; Love In Motion shout "Fame!," and while you quickly realize it ain't Irene Cara, the track's bolting rhythms deliver. As The Best of Eurodance rolls through a string of references to the real world — Cher soundalikes ("Follow Me" from Face 2 Dance vs. DJ Cobra), Tangerine Dream knockoffs (Darwin's "Black Means Blue") and even a rocking track that recalls Depeche Mode (Systematics '"Emotional Violence") — its droning 4/4 bass drum, handclaps and swirling synth strings seductively insulate you from reality.