The Beach Boys, L.A. (Light Album) (2000 – Remaster)

Lenny Kaye

By Lenny Kaye

on 02.21.12 in Reviews

L.A. (Light Album) (2000 - Remaster)

Beach Boys

The Beach Boys’ move to Columbia regenerated the band, especially since label president Walter Yetnikoff was not a man to be trifled with. Calling Bruce Johnston back into the fold, they seemed to return to form with “Good Timin’,” Dennis’s heart-on-sleeve “Baby Blue,” and Carl’s “Full Sail” and “Angel Come Home.” The much reviled disco track, a reworking of a Wild Honey composition and clocking in at more than 10 minutes, “Here Comes the Night,” certainly shocked Beach Boys fans the world over, but hey, this was 1979 and everyone wanted in on the dance floor. It remains an amusing curio, curious and curiouser.