The Beach Boys, The Beach Boys Classics…Selected By Brian Wilson

Lenny Kaye

By Lenny Kaye

on 05.18.11 in Reviews

The Beach Boys Classics...Selected By Brian Wilson

Beach Boys
An imminently listenable collation of the Beach Boys’ deeper fathoms

The Beach Boys as heard through Brian Wilson's monophonic ear are reflective, not so much about ephemeral pleasures as states of being, a "California Feelin'" (the only "new" song on the album, though it dates back to 1974) that replicates the cliff-hanging on a continental shelf which defines the western coast, within the interior space of an all-too-vulnerable human psyche. That weightily said, this 2002 cherry-pick is also an imminently listenable collation of the Beach Boys' deeper fathoms, defining the expansive parameters of Brian's artistic range and his ability to create a sound that is his alone, instantly recognizable and capable of conveying the most contrary of emotions: sadness couched in beauty, humor in pathos, uplift in the catharsis of musical expression. Along with great hooks, choruses, and celestial harmonies: God only knows, and thus recommends.