The Be Good Tanyas, A Collection (2000-2012)

Dan MacIntosh

By Dan MacIntosh

on 07.17.12 in Reviews

A Collection (2000 - 2012)

The Be Good Tanyas
A retrospective as timeless as it is fresh

With The Be Good Tanyas, it’s always been a case of quality over quantity: A Collection (2000-2012), their new 14-song retrospective, covers a mere three albums stretching over a 12-year period. But however sparse their output, their roots run deep, enabling them to tackle Stephen Foster’s “Oh! Susanna” with the same ease of their banjo-driven cover of Neil Young’s obscure “For the Turnstiles.” A Collection gathers these and other well-loved fan favorites as well as two new cuts “Little Black Bear,” the first, is constructed with precious three-part harmonies, attached gently — like lace on a Sunday’s best church dress — to finger-picked acoustic guitar. Frazey Ford sings “Gospel Song,” the other new song, with bluesy fervor, her vocal grit tempered by Samantha Parton and Trish Klein’s sweetness. The result sounds as timeless as it does fresh.