The Barreracudas, Nocturnal Missions

Austin L. Ray

By Austin L. Ray

on 10.25.11 in Reviews
One giant party, with simple lyrics and relentless hooks

Take a glance at the song titles on this, the debut LP from Atlanta’s Barreracudas, and you’ll find the band showing its cards: There’s “Baby Baby Baby,” “Girl” and “Come On, Come On,” the latter of which is a Cheap Trick cover. And while Adrian Barrera and his crew — four-fifths of which, including Barrera, also perform as Gentleman Jesse’s “Men” — stop short of naming a song “Classic Power Pop,” you still get the idea. The lyrics are simple, the hooks relentless and the whole thing feels like one giant party, with red Solo cups now and regrets in the morning. But if it wasn’t so much fun, you wouldn’t go back again and again, negative consequences be damned.