Scharpling & Wurster, The Art Of The Slap

Todd Burns

By Todd Burns

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster have been doing long-form comedy since 1997. In that year, Wurster called up Scharpling's radio show, The Best Show on WFMU, and took on the guise of rock know-it-all Ronald Thomas Clontle. Dubbed “the ultimate argument settler,” his book Rock, Rot & Rule was simple: divided into three columns, it listed almost any band you could think of in one of its three categories. The resulting conversation with Scharpling — and callers to the station decrying Clontle's claims (namely that Madness invented ska and that the Beatles merely rock) — was high comedy.

Another collection of long-form radio comedy from two of the best.

On this fifth edition of greatest hits, Scharpling once again plays the straight man to Wurster's wacky batch of characters. Which means he has to react to ridiculous situations like a roided-up computer repairman, an insufferable horror film director or, um, a fish calling into this radio show. Somehow Scharpling bears it — and even shows some compassion for the quixotic rocker determined to play the first set on top of Mt. Everest ever (with special guests Clarence Carter, Art Alexakis, Dane Cook's kid brother and every single member of the Polyphonic Spree).