Various Artists – Bar None Records, The American Song-Poem Christmas : Daddy Is Santa Really Six Foot Four?

Dan Epstein

By Dan Epstein

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Twenty-one attempts at holiday immortality.

How difficult could it be to write a Christmas hit? This oddly addictive compilation answers that question with a resounding “very.” The words for these twenty-one attempts at holiday immortality were penned by amateur lyricists, then sent to bogus “record companies” who charged the wordsmiths a fee for setting their lyrics to music. Characters like Rodd Rogers'”Maury, The Christmas Mouse” or Bobbie Boyle's “Randy, The Li'l Elf” really never stood a chance of nudging Rudolf or Frosty out of the holiday spotlight, but I've still got my fingers crossed for the Sisterhood's “The Rocking Disco Santa Claus.”