Latyrx (Lateef & Lyrics Born), The Album

Andrew Nosnitsky

By Andrew Nosnitsky

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Lateef and Lyrics Born break ground, slay us all

From the old-school sing-song routines of Crash Crew to the hardcore chanting of Run DMC, there was always an emphasis on not just spitting a hot 16, but having a fluid interaction in between each member of a group (and I'm not talking about just playing hype man, either). With the rise of individuality and the fall of the rap group, this has become less prevalent. Latyrx resurrects this impulse. Lyrics Born's blues-influenced gravely drawl anchors Lateef's more sporadic nasally flow as they collectively take tag-team rapping to new and bizarre terrain, bouncing and echoing off of each other's cadences.