Sandi & The Accents, The Accents

Charles Farrell

By Charles Farrell

on 04.22.11 in Reviews

Every once in a while, eMusic offers an album so weird that it almost begs you to download it. The Accents by the largely unknown Sandi & the Accents is such an album.

Horrifyingly fantastic lounge band desperately tries to capture the pre-Beatles teen market.

Trashy, poorly recorded and frantic, The Accents sounds like a lounge band's desperate stab at capturing the pre-Beatles teen market. It's hilarious and absolutely terrific. Listen as the band plunges headlong into not one, but two tunes generally associated with James Brown (“Night Train” and “Good, Good Lovin'”), and in their very failure to outwork “the Hardest Working Man in Show Business,” they somehow pull off both performances. By contrast, the band essays soul ballads like “For Your Love” with an unctuousness that conjures up images of Brylcreem, a furtive drag off a menthol cigarette and a failed attempt at reaching second base. It's horrifyingly fantastic.