The A-Lines, You Can Touch

Erick Zeidenberg

By Erick Zeidenberg

on 04.22.11 in Reviews
Former Headcoatees pump out more of that skiffle-punk/soul

As soon as you hear the chunky triple-chord blast from “Four” that opens You Can Touch, it becomes clear that the A-Lines'Kyra LaRubia and Bongo Debbie have retained every bit of the skiffle-punk/soul vibe they pumped out as members of Thee Headcoatees. (It doesn't hurt that their mentor, Billy Childish, is behind the boards here). You Can Touch delivers as expected with hooky-as-hell riffs and bilingual-wrapped attitude. For the most part, if you know the history behind the band, you know what you're getting (albeit with a little extra edge occasionally thrown into the mix). That said, there's still a few gems within that just might get you atop your couch sans footwear to express some short-term jubilation. The 1:18 rave-up “Sideways,” played loudly, will get your rocks off with just enough time before your neighbor reaches for a broom handle to pound on your floor, while songs like “Agitated” and “One Day” sit comfortably in very familiar territory. Sure, “innovation” isn't the first word to come to mind when you hear You Can Touch, but on the other hand, if you're going to stick with a formula, the A-Lines sure have cooked up a good one.