Kurupt, Tha 420 Mixtape

Amelia Raitt

By Amelia Raitt

on 04.12.11 in Reviews

Kurupt, in his snarling prime, was one of West Coast rap's fiercest figures. He didn't ra so much as spit contemptuously at you, spring-loading several lifetime's-worth of seething aggression and anger into each over-emphasized syllable. When he opened his mouth, you flinched. These days, he's mellowed out considerably — he's still among the most nimble-tongued rappers in L.A., in love with the way hard consonants hit a block-shaking beat, but he has the aura of a wizened ex-warrior now, fatherly and almost benevolent. The laid-back, low-riding, easy-going cookout anthem "Honestly" is an ideal example, off of his recent Tha 4:20 Mixtape.