Tenacious D, Rize of the Fenix

Evan Minsker

By Evan Minsker

on 05.15.12 in Reviews

Rize Of The Fenix

Tenacious D

The album art for Tenacious D’s latest is disgustingly appropriate — a veiny penis in the shape of a phoenix. So the theme here is that the Jack Black and Kyle Gass will rise from the ashes and do so with too many dick jokes. And that’s what you should expect from a Tenacious D album — dick jokes, meta jokes about the band’s career to date (“When The Pick of Destiny was released, it was a bomb/ and all the critics said that the D was done”), Dave Grohl on the drums, and of course, lots of acoustic metal. So while the content should be expected for a joke band’s third album, for Tenacious D fans, this thing is an essential step in the Dio apostles’ joke mythology.

Exactly what you should expect from a Tenacious D album

While the comedy sketches and speed metal is to be expected, the switches in genre come as a surprise, especially the lust-driven mariachi track “Senorita” (which ultimately culminates with some go-to D metal) and the ’80s montage track “To Be the Best.” And of course, there’s a touching ballad called “They Fucked Our Asses.” So as the album art and song titles might imply, this LP is pretty much a challenge to see how much you actually love the D’s schtick. If you liked the movie, the HBO series, and the first record, the new one delivers, veiny phoenix and all.